I offer 3 one-hour session packages for owners whose dogs want to focus on barking, recall, and loose leash walking. These are geared for people who do not need their dog to learn all of the behaviors in the Basic Dog Training Course and want to focus on one behavior. 

Barking: Barking is one of the more common complaints of dog owners. Together we will evaluate what is causing your dog to bark and offer management and training techniques that are simple to apply which will curb your dog's barking.

Recall: Starting off indoors, we begin working on targeting over short distances, then move to longer distances adding distractions. As the dog progresses we will move outdoors and work with a long lead until your dog has a solid recall in a variety of situations.

Loose leash walking: Walking your dog is supposed to be fun for both of you. We will take a look at a variety of tools and training methods that will make walks pleasurable for both of you. Loose leash walking also includes tips for owners whose dogs bark at people and other dogs, or who try to chase squirrels.