Give your puppy the Right Start: Easy puppy training for a great dog

Puppy raising isn’t all just cute and cuddles. There’s basic training, house training, chew training, dealing with all that crazy puppy energy, and—most important of all—socialization to build an easy-going adult companion. 

I’d love to help make life with your puppy easier now—and life with the adult dog she’ll become exactly what you look forward to.

Start Right Puppy Program

A quick program overview:

  • Designed for maximum convenience and ease for busy puppy owners 
  • Focused on real-life scenarios to get you real-life results
  • Relief from irritating puppy issues like house training, biting, jumping, barking/whining
  • Outlets for extra puppy energy so you can get some downtime
  • Basic manners training—sit, down, stay, come, walk nicely on leash
  • Extensive socialization to mold the adult dog companion you want your pup to become
  • Includes training kit with treat bag, clicker, and “Puppy Start Right” book by Kenneth Martin, DVM and Debbie Martin, RVT, VT

Your 2-step Start Right Puppy Program is easy:

1. Training begins with an Initial Consult
We’ll introduce basic behavior, set your personalized training goals, and fashion a customized training program to meet them.  Initial Consult Fee: $150

2. Four weeks of Private Tutoring or Private Classes—you choose
After your initial consult we dive in! Unlike in group puppy classes, your puppy will practice her basic manners in real-life contexts like veterinary offices and visits to other public spaces so she’s ready to respond no matter the situation. 

Private Puppy Tutoring Option: I train your puppy for you

In between our weekly sessions I work with your puppy in your home and around your community for faster results where you need them (the real world, not the classroom!) and better socialization, using only positive, fun training methods.

4 week Private Tutoring package: $1,620
(Includes 12 training/socialization sessions with your puppy + 4 training transfer sessions with you and your pup + 2 follow ups to make sure you’re enjoying lasting results)

Private Puppy Classes Option: I teach you to train your puppy

We meet once per week in the convenience of your home to set up the week’s training homework and get you and your puppy a jump start on the week’s goals.

4 week Private Class package: $360
(Includes 4 training sessions with you and your dog)

Ready to get started?
Let’s schedule your Initial Consult

We’ll use this time together to assess your pup’s behavior and learning style, set training goals, and devise a plan for meeting them. Initial Consult Fee: $150.

Take the first step. Schedule your Initial Consult today.


Socialize your puppy today, enjoy your dog tomorrow

You’ve probably been hearing and reading a lot about puppy socialization. If you’re wondering what all the hubbub is about, here’s a simple explanation:

Dogs, like many animals, come programmed to be open to new experiences while young and under the protection of their parents. But this openness diminishes as they begin to grow up, leaving them wary of anything they haven’t already encountered while a baby—a bit of an insurance plan to protect them from the big, scary world. 

In pet dogs, that wariness often translates to unwanted behavioral issues like barking at strangers or other dogs, startling at loud noises, aggression toward children, or generalized fear and shyness.

To enjoy an easy-going, unflappable adult dog who’s calm as a cucumber no matter the situation, ready to make new human and dog friends all day long, and accompany you on life’s little daily journeys about town and beyond, early puppy socialization is key.

Socialization is the systematic process of positive exposure to all things and situations you’ll want your puppy to be cool about when she’s all grown up. 

Here’s the tough part: Your puppy’s socialization window begins to close rapidly at just four months of age. If work and other obligations make it challenging to get your puppy out into the world on a daily basis, I recommend choosing the Private Tutoring option for your Puppy Right Start program. I’ll get your pup out to work on her manners all around town, doubling up on socialization and training, so you can enjoy peace of mind and an easier puppy now, as well as an easy, well-behaved adult dog later.

Ready to get started?
Let’s schedule your Initial Consult

We’ll use this time together to assess your pup’s behavior and learning style, set training goals, and devise a plan for meeting them. Initial Consult Fee: $150. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which Puppy Start Right package is right for you—we can decide together once we’ve discussed your training needs and goals.

Take the first step. Schedule your Initial Consult today.

“We saw drastic changes…top notch”

After graduating from the 4 week program with Dylan, we saw drastic changes in our puppy’s behavior as well as his attitude and attentiveness. Dylan’s training techniques as well as his one-on-one consultations were top notch. He is not only a great trainer, but a great person. If I could give 6 stars, I would.
— Ben P., Albany

“Transformed our crazy puppy”

Dylan helped us with basic obedience training for our 7 month old chocolate lab at our home. Over the course of six weeks, Dylan’s patience and expertise transformed our crazy puppy into a well behaved but still fun-loving dog. Dylan was always on time, very dedicated and always pleasant. I would highly recommend Dylan to anyone!
— Debbie Walsh, Menands

“My pup is becoming a very well behaved dog”

Dylan is very professional and has suggested and implemented very useful techniques for my puppy’s training. My pup is well on his way to becoming a very well behaved dog. I would highly recommend Dylan Boyce.
— Marrianne R. , Glenmont, NY